Neglected Male Beauties

Dumaszínház and Füge Productions present
Máté Andrássy – Milán Újvári

A performance art sketch show

We’ve realized that our bodies are destined to generate visual pleasure. It’s enough just to bend our elbows or kneel down tightening the tendon of our thighs, and you, dear audience member, will feel as if you’ve ascended to heaven. But we’re capable of even more: we’re going to dance for you! Even if we’re not very good at it. And even when you’d really rather we didn’t.
Laughing is guaranteed!

‘My colleague, Milán Újvári is 5’3”. Meanwhile I’m 6’3”. During the show, we try to overcome the size difference of one foot by doing spectacular jumps and even more spectacular knee bends. I may even kneel down.’
Máté Andrássy

‘Máté is in possession of several body surfaces that are almost screaming to be jumped on. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do!’
Milán Újvári


The two performers will do anything to make their audience laugh out loud by presenting  their –  not quite ordinary – dance moves.
Humour will take the stage and make you burst into laughter!

Moves: Máté Andrássy and Milán Újvári
Dramaturg: Attila Soós
Visual Effects: Daniel Dömölky
Technician: Attila Szirtes
Ideas: Gergely Litkai, András Vinnai
Costume and props: Márton István Szabó