Jurányi Gallery

Our main goal was to create an open exhibition space, which is not only for insiders. Visitors and people arriving from rehearsals and other events are intended to come across the exhibitions in the most active community space.

We chose not to be aligned with commercial galleries; that is why we decided to paint the walls black, on which the creators we invite can create pieces of art using only chalk, just like on a blackboard at school.

The artpieces of the exhibitions get wiped off the wall – of the artist’s own will, often with his active participation – by the end of the show, giving space this way to future artists. The exhibitions got thoroughly and professionally reproduced through photographs, and, this way, they are preserved in digital form for future generations.

Excellent visual artists were literally given a living surface for their creations in the gallery that is in its 5th year of active operation. We invited visual artists who were open for this special challenge, namely creating completely new pieces from scratch directly in the exhibition space instead of bringing their existing artpieces and nailing those on the wall. Several times these creations were further developed during the entire time of the exhibition offering active participation to the visitors, so that they can further develop the original artpiece.

Henceforth, we would like to realize our vision of providing space to different types of artists as well. On the walls similar to school blackboards, poetry, literature, architectural, mathematical, geometrical or conceptual formulas, structures and imprints can also appear, equaling in importance to the exhibitions created by visual artists on the fresh and living walls of the gallery.

János Szirtes