The production organisation Independently Together (FÜGE) was founded and officially registered in 2006. It is dedicated to realizing cultural, artistic – more precisely theatrical and multidisciplinary art – projects and providing the institutional background to them.

The new Theatre (Performing Arts) Law coming into force in 2009 particularly accounted for and necessitated the activity of FÜGE and other such organisations, as it requires the independent theatre companies to work within the same bureaucratic framework as the permanent theatre collectives; most of these young independent companies are still unprepared for the administrative and managing tasks implied by the new regulation.

In order to maintain these companies and to create more and more high-quality performances a change in approach and counselling are necessary: keeping up artistic independency and creative freedom, rationalizing and centralizing the organisational background. Independently together – that is the motto and the mission of the organisation.

The organisation FÜGE aims to provide solutions to the problems of independent theatrical collectives and creators; the production itself is the central point.

The FÜGE is practically an umbrella organisation and a production organisation at the same time, since one of its basic activities is to help the work of separate theatre foundations and organisations with an efficient joint presence: e.g. search for sponsors (MAsterCard), organisation of independent theatre festivals (VIP, TeARTrum), tender for theatre of initiation (TÁMOP, Classroom theatre project), or – in order to facilitate the daily work – joint newsletter, distributing flyers, propagation, and providing advertising surfaces.

In addition, it provides a lot of productions a complete institutional background by raising funds, performing administrative tasks and the daily production routine. (Strolling Gods, Para(noia) Vaudeville, The Governer of Calligula)

As an umbrella organization representing the common interests of the independent theatrical scene, it has the opportunity to organise professional forums, seminars, meetings; to enforce rights and responsibilities against the partners; and to support – through joining together – the realization of great national and international projects.

Also, we consider it our mission to popularize young talents in Hungary and abroad alike. (EVS), therefore, we also participate in writing applications and providing locations for exhibitions or other kinds of opportunities for a showcase.

Although the FÜGE has only existed for one and a half years, during this short period it has realized lots of projects and productions. Not only independent theatre makers, actors and directors but also production organizations, workshops, festival organizers and cultural institutions contact our organization for the purpose of cooperation. At the moment 22 companies and 32 independent artists belong to the FÜGE.

Thanks to the hard, quality work, the FÜGE has become a representative and professional brand. We are present on almost every cultural forum, on-line surface, printed press material not only with our advertisements but with our actual programs as well.