Binaura is a Budapest based collective that is building software based interfaces, physical installations using free and open source tools since the early 2000s. They are giving international workshops (across the EU, Norway and India) regularly in the fields of interaction modalities, creative coding and procedural drawing. Their works are focusing on interaction, new interfaces for creative communication, prototyping and open source exchange of ideas. Opening and modifying existing commercial tools and contexts are part of their working process. The two permanent members Agoston Nagy and Bence Samu are coming from an art background, now researching the cultural aspects of technology. They are former researchers of Kitchen Budapest, and now working as guest lecturers at the Media Institute of Moholy-Nagy University of Design and Arts they also launched a special course on creative coding and data visualization in late 2017. Apart from autonomous art projects, they are working together with enterpreneurs, startup companies, independent theatre companies and design universities.